Urgent Care

We welcome existing patients, new patients or anyone in need of Urgent Care. Just walk-in during normal business hours. No appointment necessary. Although calling first may shorten any potential wait.

Adult & Senior Care

We at Palmetto Medical Group are focused on prevention, early detection and ‘state of the art’ treatment of all Adults and elderly disease conditions. We follow the national guideline for management of all the diseseas.

Color Therapy

The use of Color Therapy or chromatherapy is used in conjunction with Sujok therapy. It has been known for that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Colors are wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. As per eastern medicine, the colors can become imbalanced and result in physical diseases. These imbalances, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental can be corrected by using the appropriate color as a treatment.

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Dhvani Buch(Mehta), AT#267, SJ.T, B.H.M.S.(India).
Licensed Auricular Therapist, Homeopathic Healer and Sujok Therapist
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