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Diabetes Risk Assesment

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine in San Antonio, TX, diabetes poses a significant public health challenge for the United States. Some 800,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, or 2,200 per day. They also state that the number of people with diabetes has increased steadily over the past decade, with 10.5 million diagnosed cases.

What is more shocking is that there are an estimated 5.5 million undiagnosed diabetes cases in the United States. There is a common misconception that diabetes is a disease with significant symptoms, that cannot go unnoticed. This cannot be farther from the truth. From the time a patient develops type 1 diabetes, until they are a full blown type 2, insulin diabetic can be years. Diagnosing diabetes and those for risk of the disease is critical to stopping the progression of the disease and possibly eliminating it altogether.

Diabetes screening is best performed by a physician who has a broad overview of not only the disease, but the human body as well. Diabetes screening consists of a blood test and a questionnaire that you and your physician will complete. If you are at risk for diabetes, the good news is that you can reduce or eliminate your risk through diet modification, increased exercise, and regular follow up visits.