Urgent Care

We welcome existing patients, new patients or anyone in need of Urgent Care. Just walk-in during normal business hours. No appointment necessary. Although calling first may shorten any potential wait.

Adult & Senior Care

We at Palmetto Medical Group are focused on prevention, early detection and ‘state of the art’ treatment of all Adults and elderly disease conditions. We follow the national guideline for management of all the diseseas.

Childhood Diseases

There are many childhood diseases. From whooping cough, to ear infections, childhood illnesses plague millions of children annually. While many childhood diseases and illnesses are quite common, the treatment is very specific. For example, childhood diabetes is a substantially different disease from adult diabetes. The side effects from these chronic conditions are much more lethal to children than they are to adults. While there are many qualified specialists out there, when dealing with childhood diseases and conditions, your child should only be treated by a pediatric specialist.

A pediatric physician is trained to treat the disease and condition, while considering the impact of the child’s growth rate and limitations on treatments available to children. For example, a pediatrician, not an OBGYN, should see a pregnant teenager. The reason is that growing teens have substantially different needs than a pregnant adult. Another example is a child who has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. The radiation treatments available to adults are not always the best choice for a child cancer patient. Pediatric specialists exist for virtually every known disease and condition. If there were not a need for their services, they would not exist.

Pediatricians possess superior diagnosing skills that can mean the difference between life and death to a child. Many childhood illnesses are complex to diagnose or sometimes seem innocuous. Childhood illnesses such as whooping cough can rapidly cause a child’s health to deteriorate. Only a pediatrician can assess your child’s health quickly by focusing in on specific symptoms. When hours can make the difference between your child winding up in the Intensive Care Unit or going home to recover, a pediatrician is the most logical choice for medical treatment.

If you suspect that your child is suffering from a chronic disease, contact a board certified pediatrician. On the other hand, if you child is seemingly healthy, a pediatrician can ensure he/she remains that way. After considering the risks involved with not choosing a pediatrician to care for your children, why would you do anything else?